Jun 26, 2008

Time, June 16, 2008

America's Medicated Army

As wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have stretched the U.S. military to the breaking point, the Pentagon has quietly okayed the use of antidepressants by stressed-out troops.

How Obama Did It
By building a new political machine, Barack Obama became the first insurgent Democrat in decades to dethrone a front runner. In an exclusive interview, he describes his path to a historic victory.

How to Live With Just 100 Things
For Americans tired of being weighed down by clutter, a new movement advocates cutting back to the bare minimum.

Who Will Rule the New Internet?
Apple, Google and Facebook all want to build the next great platform. Inside the struggle for Web supremacy.

Will the Oil Bubble Burst?
After making billions on rising energy prices, a big investor cashes in. Why that signals cheaper times.

Can Coldplay Do Anything Else?
The band got big, and annoying, singing one kind of song. The goal on its new album is to "get better rather than bigger".

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