Dec 22, 2009

Master TOEFL Reading, Writing & Vocabulary

Being my religion is Buddhism, we believed in past life. All the things good or bad we have experienced in this life are consequences of the things we have done in past lives. If we have done good deeds in past life, we can have or achieve good things in current life. In other way round, to be able to get good things in next lives, we have to do good deeds in present life. This is one of the reasons I am sharing the things on my blog.

It was the precious habit that I received from my dad that is reading. Since my childhood, I have read so many books that were collected by my dad. I don't care whatever I understand the subject inside the books or not, I read all the books I can read. All the pocket money given by my mom was also used for buying books. The old books shops in the downtown of Rangoon are the area I like most to walk around. As of always I was buying these old books and not using for eatery things, my mom warned one time that "I won't give you pocket money anymore if you still go and buy these books..." This is also my hobby of collecting books. Now, internet age, I like internet so much as of I can find a lot of things I want on it. And, also all the things I found on internet also I want to share. It is also one of the ways I was making good deeds by sharing knowledge to whom need it.

So now, here are three books of TOEFL training for Reading, Writing and Vocabulary. I hope it will helpful to who are studying English As Foreign Language. Please click on the book covers to download them.

Click me to download this book!!! Click me to download this book!!! Click me to download this book!!!


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