Apr 8, 2010

Project Management &Leadership Skills for Engineering & Construction Projects

It's quite a long time I have never been shared ebooks for my friends. Now, I'd like to share one of the project management ebooks. Generally speaking, you all can find all these books on internet and it is nothing special to download such ebooks if you are staying abroad where internet speed is good enough. But, for our friends who are staying inside Burma, will be a different story. They can find ebooks on internet but the matter you can download it or not is depending on that book was shared on which file hosting. I just want to fill in this gap. I also find those ebooks I need on internet and downloaded it to my computer and upload it back to the file hosting site that can access and download easily from Burma. Last time, I usually uploaded ebooks to 4shared but some of my friends feedback that 4shared is quite troublesome to download from inside Burma. So that, I choose ifile hosting to upload books now. Hopefully it will be OK for everybody. Please leave a comment if you have difficulties to download these books.

Here is short description of book.

Project management is the key to any engineering and construction project's success. Now you can learn from the experts real-world tested strategies you can use to lead your projects to on-time, within budget, high quality success stories. Specifics of scheduling, cost estimating and leadership skills are fully detailed. The authors will show you how to organize your project from the very beginning to achieve success. You'll also learn to use win-win negotiation skills during each stage of your project. Real world examples will facilitate your understanding of how to apply every aspect of the material presented in the text. Loaded with forms, checklists and case studies, this invaluable reference is a must for everyone involved with engineering and construction projects.

Download Here!


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