Jun 25, 2010

Rapidshare Auto Downloader 4.0

Before I am trying this software, it was quite troublesome for me to download files hosted on rapidshare because free users  are allowed very few and limited downloads from it.

So, I tried to find out  software that I can download rapidshare files without facing those difficulties. I found this software called Rapidshare Auto Downloader. You may need to add the rapidshare links to that program and it will try to download behalf of you. You don’t need to do anything; that software will try again and again and again until the files downloaded.

Here are some key features of "Rapidshare Auto Downloader":

• Download a group of links from rapidshare (one by one).
• Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
• Auto shutdown feature
• Load and save the download list.
• Check for new versions automatically.
• Support of 3 Languages: English, Farsi, French

Download here!
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