Jul 17, 2010

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

While you see the title of this book, a few of you will think that this is an old story and I already read this book for so many times, and nothing happen.

Of course! Reading a book is useless unless you try the tactics shown in the book. It is sure that something will happen in your brain while you read this book. The only thing you may need to keep in your mind while you are reading it is to believe for a while whatever the author wanted to tell you. Nothing is impossible if you believed in it. So, first thing first, believe what author intends to show you.

After reading this book, my point of view on matter of money also changed. For me, now I am at the first step of long run to the goal what I wanted to be in my life. So, I also want you to be like me too.

For my friends who want to listen mp3 while you are reading this book, click here to read it online, and click on the play button of the music player below.

Again, for friends who want to read this book in Burmese version, click on the below picture to download it in Burmese version.

Download e-book here!
Download mp3 here!


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