Oct 15, 2010

What Do Women Want from Men (Audio Book)


A creature of mystery; which is difficult to understand. Since childhood, boys interest in matters of girls and girls interest in boys. Then, they become adult, choose one each other hoping that he/she will be the rightful partner for his/her life and tied a knot to form a happy and peaceful family.

Here is a question. Did all the family have their hopes of happiness and peacefulness? The most percentage of answer will be "NO". Why? The main reason that they couldn't get their dreamed happiness and peacefulness is lack of understanding each other. Man does not understand what his woman wants and does not want. Woman does not know what her gentleman wants and does not want. Apprently, it's look like that we do not need to have too much effort to try to understand each other in the time be being lover. After marriage only, we try to understand each other. The time is already passed. There is not much left to be able to compromise. At the end of the day, lack of mutual understanding between each other became a big troublemaker in the family and some of them leads to end up with divorce.

Therefore, why don't we try to understand what the second part of our body or the most important half part of our life before jumping into tying a knot? It will help you understand your life partner-to-be more in details and assist to be able to fulfill your dream of building happy and peaceful family for your life.

Here is a book named "What do women want from men?" that I would like to share with you all.

Here is a short description of the book:

Wondering what went wrong with his marriage, Dan True asked 100 women of varying ages and professions how they felt about men in regards to virtually everything. Here are the women's candid comments about such critical issues as money, marriage, relationships, lying, anger, listening, and expectations. In addition, they'll speak out about intimacy, discussing everything from cuddling, turn-ons, and turn-offs to their deepest fantasies.

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