Feb 27, 2011

Wondershare Photo Recovery

In previous December 2010, my beloved grand mom has passed away. My family from Rangoon flown back to hometown in northern part of Arakan and had done up her funeral services. As of I were on abroad, I were unable to attend my grand mom's funeral, thus I asked my family to take photos of the event. My family has done as I requested. After funeral services, there was good deeds offering for my late grand mom. Several hundreds photos were shot.

Unfortunately, one day after funeral service, one of my cousins, small boy, took my camera and played with it and accidentally deleted all the photos inside SD cards. All the photos were gone. My Mom cried sadly one day long as of those photos were the last foot prints of her mother on earth. She didn't let me know as of she worried I would felt shock after hearing that sad news. But, my younger brother informed me about it while we had conversation on the phone. I also felt sad at first, however what should I do? Worrying and feeling sad cannot bring back the deleted photos. Thus, I decided to find out is there a way to recover back these deleted photos.

If there is a will, there is a way. As usual, I am looking at Google search engine. In the meanwhile, I called to my younger brother to keep that affected SD card unused, tell him not to take any more photos. I found software called Wondershare Photo Recovery and finally I could retrieve back all the deleted photos. Then, I decided to share the software for all of my blog visitors for all of your goodness. You can download the software over here. You can install it as in trial version. To be able to get the software to be activated, please download this small file over here and use that information to activate your software.

Hope you all can use it whenever you need it.


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