May 26, 2011

A Guide to Practical Scaffolding

Within this May, Mgluaye got a chance to attend Scaffolding Erector Course at BCA. It will take all together 9 sections of 3 hours course at the evening and one 4.5 hrs section of test. There are three sections of theory and six sections of practical courses. Theory is not that bad, however practical session is a bit tiring. The course will be completed by 9th of June only.

All the scaffolding techniques that have been taught at training are metal scaffolding. I got a sense of remembrance of our bamboo scaffolding used all over our country. Bamboo scaffolding is essential for renovation of the religious building like pagoda and dagobas' buildings in Myanmar. And, it is so special because you can construct irregular shaped scaffolds aligning to curve or rounded structured building. Our people are so skillful to use bamboos and coir ropes. Rope made of coir also one of the essential material that used in bamboo scaffold erection.

However, there is only one thing we needed to add in our traditional scaffolding systems is personal protective equipments, usually called PPE. If PPE systems added onto our traditional scaffolding erection systems, it will become a perfect system.

As far as studied on course, I found out that the scaffold will be one of the good items to use while we are constructing the vandals on our annual water festivals. I hoped it will be more cost effective and less cost than using wood as of you can use it repeatedly, and if there are metal scaffold suppliers who can provide this service for these events. I think that will be a pieces of idea to consider to do business as metal scaffold supplier in our festive events.

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