May 29, 2011

Start and Run a Shop: How to Open a Successful Retail Business

Here is one more ebook that related to retail business. For the entrepreneurial business people, retails business is one of the most affordable options. Retail business is a small and easy to manage type of business.  Honestly, Mgluaye also still in studying to run retail business in near future. This is one of the ebooks that I am still reading. I hoped that this ebook will be helpful to those who want to start retail business in near future.

Here is a short description of the book.

There is nothing more satisfying than owning a shop of your own. Whether it's a designer clothing store, an exciting florist, or something for practically everything, this book will guide you through all you need to know about opening your own retail business. It is aimed at anyone who has a dream or a practical idea. It includes case histories of hands-on shop owners, their advice and top tips. You will be able to browse through such topics as: - Choosing the best location - Finding finance in a dwindling market - Developing a business plan - Exploring the costs of setting up - Selecting the products you want to carry - Decoration, displays and shelving - Meeting the challenges of a new business - Getting your business noticed in an internet age - Turning your passion into a profitable business.

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