Apr 30, 2010

Footprint of Gautama Buddha

If you have interest in Buddhism as well as historical issues, this book is for you. It is about Parda Footprint of Gautama Buddha. This footprint was laid by Gautama Buddha when he visited Kingdom of Arakan as per invitation of King Sanda Suriya in 554 B.C. It is situated on the Mozee island which is on the west bank of Ramdar River, Arakan. If you have a chance to visit Arakan, it is one of the place you should visit.

For your own reference, you can download this book by clicking the image of book cover on the left, or can download from following links also:4shared or ifile.it or Google. Or you just want to read it online, click here.

Apr 29, 2010

Ducati Singapore

Yesterday, I went out from office to one of our main contractor offices which is situated on Jalan Besah. I took cab and on the way cab was stopping for traffic light somewhere on Bukit Timah road. I saw one company signboard. Company name is DUCATI SINGAPORE. I do not know what company is it. But, while I saw that signboard, I suddently pronounces it, DUCATI SINGAPORE, if you pronounce it in other way, It is ဒုကၡတိ စကၤာပူ. While I reached back office, I search its name on internet, it is a company trading motorbikes. It's sure I will remember this company name whenever I feel stress for working in Singapore. Oh.... ဒုကၡတိ စကၤာပူ.

Just for fun.

Apr 23, 2010

Invitation For Gathering of Fellows of PYAY GTI

This is second time we are having gathering of members of Pyay GTI in Singapore. May Day of last year also we were having gathering party at East Coast Park at the eastern part of island nation.

We are going to have this event in this year also. Date of gathering will be on May Day of 2010 and time will be 1300 hrs to 1900 hrs. Place will be BBQ Pit Number 13C, Area C of East Coast Park.

Last year, we have over 100 people attended gathering, and we hope this year will be more than previous year. All the ex-students from Pyay GTI are invited to participate this event.

More information of Pyay GTI, you can find out more here.

This picture was taken on Gathering @ 2009.

Apr 22, 2010

20100215 : Akyab

I had reached back to Akyab. Wandering around Akyab is not so easy. I need to rent a motorbike that cost 1000ks per hour and gasoline I need to fill in myself. But, if we don't mind the cost for that, motorbike is the most convenient way to go around Akyab.

Here we have two clock towers in Akyab, one is the old tower situated in the boundary of No.1 Police Station on Lann Ma Gri Road. The other one is quite new one built in 1991 on the Lann Ma Gri also.

Old Clock Tower

New Clock Tower

One of the most distinct place at the centre of town is U Ottama Park. U Ottama statue is at the middle of the park.
U Ottama was not only famous in Burma, but also all over the Asia. Craddock, Get Out! is one of most famous words of U Ottama. Imagine who dare to give such brave speeches to the governor at the colonial time.  U Ottama was sentenced long term jail because of such kind of brave speeches. He was also known as light of Asia. Biography of U Ottama, you can download over here.

Ven U Ottama

One of the coastal line of Kaladan River.

Akyab Coastal Line

I have visited Akyab Bazaar too.

Akyab Bazzar

The time I reached there was about 9:00 am. The front street of the bazaar was still crowded as usual.

In front of Bazzar 1

Environs of Akyab's Bazaar.

In Front of Bazzar

A deeper look into Akyab's bazaar.

In the middle of Bazzar

You can buy dried fishes over here. Sizes of fishes are longer than my height also.

Dry Fishes

I really do not know what's name of that fishes.

Dry Fishes Sellers

Local sausages are very delicious also, do you want to try???


One of the local IT companies at downtown of Akyab.

IT Company In Akyab

The three-wheelers are playing important roles of transportation of Akyab.

Transport @ Akyab

It was labeled "Product of Tharkayta Industrial Zone, don't know how they produced? In the past, some of the so-called local products of industrial zones doesn't mean produced fully there. It should be better to say "assembled in so-and-so industrial zone".

Transport @ Akyab _ 1

I had reached back to airport of Akyab already. It was quite silent and I saw a few passengers only. It was Air Bagan we were going to take. Mostly passengers were foreigners and ticket's price also 30K more than normal domestic airline. But, there was only one trip of Air Bagan from Yangon to Akyab.

Airport Building_1

The airport building was undergoing renovation as I mentioned over here, so now you could notice that the roof of the building was completed renovation works already.

Airport Building

The plane was waiting down there for us to bring back to Rangoon.


Now I had to say "Bye Bye Crescent Land" again. Like what I said before, I really do not know when I will be back again.

Air Bagan

Apr 19, 2010

Speak Business English Like an American

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Apr 18, 2010

Way Back to Akyab

It was quite late when the ship reached to Rathedaung. It was around 2:30 pm reached and left Rathedaung around 3:00 pm. It was not in good mode to take photo because it was too crowded on the ship and we knew that we would be reaching Akyab very late.

Rathedaung Jetty

Rathedaung Jetty was crowded as always and the ship also.

Rathedaung Jetty 1

As of late evening, there were a few snack sellers on the jetty and ship also going to depart the jetty soon.

Rathedaung Jetty 2

Good Bye Rathedaung. One song was flown through into my mind, that was "leaving on a jet plane" sung by John Denver.

~~ Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go~~

But, I am not on a jet plane, I am just on a crowded ship, I also really do not know "I'll be back again" there.

Rathedaung Jetty 3

The below one was the location of old jetty. Jetty was there in past few decades and moved to the present location since 3-4 years ago.
Goodbye Rathedaung

The telecom tower on the bank of opposite Rathedaung.

Tele Mast Opposite Rathedaung

One of the local pilgrimage tour boats passing by, it supposed to go to Footprint of Buddha at Mozee island.

pilgrimage tour

One of the boat we have seen on the way to Akyab.

Lonely Boat

Apr 15, 2010

1000 Questions for Couples

There are hundreds of fun "getting to know you" questions but there are also important questions that most people don't even think of asking but are absolutely necessary if you want to have a happy relationship.

I've known of people who never told their mate about being arrested for molesting children, that they had DUI convictions, that they were sterile or had a STD. Admittedly, those are difficult questions to ask someone. But, if you are going through a book of questions, it is much easier to bring difficult subjects out into the open.

All of these questions will help you to really know the thoughts, feelings and desires of the one you are with. After going through these questions, you will really know the things your sweetheart is passionate about. You will know how you can give them much joy and happiness. You will also discover what irritates them and makes them blue.

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Apr 13, 2010

Telecom Directory of Rathedaung

Rathedaung is a small town on northern part of Arakan state of the western part of Myanmar. Until last two, three years, telecommunication of Rathedaung was not good. But from last year, there were CDMA radio telephone network in Akyab was launched. Actually, it was meant for Akyab only, but local people do some modification to that one. They put it up high aerial antennae and used boaster to boost up weak signal reaching from Akyab to Rathedaung. So that, now there are a few numbers of telephones both on the town and the neighbor villages. And as of the effect of economy in the region, a lot of middle age people from the town were on abroad, so that those CDMA telephones can play as an important role of telecommunication in Rathedaung. So, now the one I uploaded here is the telephone directory for Rathedaung. As of there will be changes in owners and other factors, the numbers will be updated until end of previous February. Anyway, it's worthy if it can provide a piece of info who needed to contact someone in Rathedaung.

Click on the yellow pages icon to see larger view of directory.

Thanks to U Kyaw Hla Tun who is compiling all those numbers on his whiteboard in his shop. I cannot post this unless he gave me a chance to take photo of his compiled list.

If you want to keep a copy for your reference:

Download Here!

Apr 12, 2010

The ebay Millionaire

Proven strategies and the latest selling tips from eBay's most elite merchants.

With an estimated 200,000 people making a full-time living selling goods on eBay, and millions more earning a part-time income, it's clear that eBay can create some impressive profits for those who know what they're doing. The eBay Millionaire profiles 25 of eBay's elite Titanium Power Sellers-those who move more than $150,000 in goods every month-and reveals the secrets to their success. Author Amy Joyner reveals the fifty top lessons for profitably selling almost anything on eBay, from how to select the best mix of merchandise, ship goods, and keep customers happy to working with wholesalers, making the leap from part-time to full-time selling, and looking like a million-dollar business even if you're working from your kitchen table.

Amy Joyner (Greensboro, NC) is an award-winning reporter for the News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina, who has been covering e-commerce and entrepreneurship for many years. She is the coauthor of Making Dough (0-471-43209-1) and has won awards for her writing from the Associated Press, North Carolina Press Association, and other organizations, as well as three Knight Center Fellowships for business, aviation security, and military reporting.

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Apr 10, 2010

How To Set Up Free Online Internet Radio Station

To be able to set up Free Online Internet Radio Station, you'll need two software, Winamp software and Shoutcast plug in. First of all, please go to http://www.winamp.com.

Online Radio

Click on the free download icon on that page. It will redirect to download page.

Online Radio

Please select Winamp Standard, and click on free download mode.

Online Radio

Click on “Save file” and Winamp will be downloaded.

Online Radio

Then, run the setup of Winamp.

After installation of Winamp done, go to another website http://www.shoutcast.com.

Online Radio

On homepage of Shoutcast, click on Download/ Be a DJ. It will redirect to download page.

Online Radio

Scroll down a bit on download page, you will see link to download DSP plug-in to download.

Online Radio

Click on it, it will download DSP Plug in.

Online Radio

Select “Save file” and run installation of SHOUTcast DSP Plug-in.

Then, run Winamp. Click on the menu tab on upper left corner.

Online Radio

One pop up menu will come up. Select Option >> Preference.

Online Radio

On preference menu, you have to find Output and select Nullsoft NULL Output Plug-In V1.11 beta (x86) [out_null.dll].

Online Radio

Then go to DSP/Effect tab and select Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP 1.9.1 [dsp_sc.dll].

Online Radio

Then click on button “Configure active plug-in”. Turn off Winamp and reopen it. Play a music file. Music won’t come out from your speaker, the reason is that you have changed Output format already.

Go to http://listen2myradio.com.

Online Radio

Click on Sign Up.

Online Radio

Online Radio

Fill in your particulars,

Online Radio

Click on “Sign Up”. Sign in with your username and password.

Online Radio

Online Radio

Click on radio installation.

Online Radio

You need to type in two different passwords, one is for broadcaster password and the other one is for admin password. Admin password is for accessing web server and broadcaster password to use it on streaming software, winamp. Fill in radio name and URL too.

Then click on “ON/OFF”. It will be redirected to a page with ON/OFF button as follow.

Online Radio

Click on “turn on”. Before clicking on “turn on”, radio status will show “off” and then will change to “on”.

Online Radio

Copy down all the URLs shown on the page to a notepad or Microsoft words, then you can log out if you want to.

That’s all to do it on webservice.

Online Radio

The rest part will need to configure on Winamp side. Run Winamp. SHOUTcast window will open too. We will go through tab by tab. On Input tab, select Winamp input.

Online Radio

Then click on encoder tab. Select encoder number and encoder type. You are going to broadcast, music in mp3, select mp3 encoder.

Online Radio

Then output tab, select output. There are two items need to set up on this tab, connection and Yellowpages. For connection, you may need to fill in Address, Port and password. And the other thing is to set encoder number. Encoder number must be same with the one you selected on encoder tab.

Online Radio

Then click on Yellowpages tab. Fill in radio description, URL, and Genere. Then click on connect button below “Status”. If everything is in order, status will show that data is sending out.

Online Radio

You can go and see “Main” tab whether your radio is working or not.

Online Radio

OK. You choose the music files from your computer as you want to broadcast. One more thing left, you want to talk to your listeners on transition or what will be next, blah blah blah blah, right?

OK. Go to Input tab. Choose input device from “Soundcard Input”.

Online Radio

Now you can talk through already. The music you are playing will be faded to lower level while you are choosing “Soundcard Input”. And if you want to mute music totally, you may need to click on “Push to Talk”.

Online Radio

You can adjust Music Level, Background Music Level, Mic Level and Fading Time on this tab.

So, the setting up is completed. Where you can go and listen music you had been broadcasting?

You have copied down from Radio Details page, right? You just simply click on those links to go and listen your radio.

For Mgluaye, I have set up a radio called Radio Arakan Beta, you can reach and listen this radio on the following web addresses:


And further info, you can reach this radio in http://radioarakan.blogspot.com and can listen on sidebar of Mgluaye's Pages too.

Hope you all have fun to broadcast radio over internet.


Bonus Package Over Here!

Wooh!! You've read all the way to end of this super long post, I have one free gift for you. That's How To Set Up Free Online Internet Radio Station in Burmese Version. Sounds interesting, Right???

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Thank you for visiting my blog and keep in touch.