Dec 14, 2012

YANGON : PYAY GTI Paying Respect Ceremony

Here we go! This year, December is right here and we are going to celebrate our 12th Paying respect ceremony of Pyay GTI as usual. The organizers for the event are right now in Pyay and they will come down to Yangon by early in the morning of 15th December. All the teachers will be reaching Yangon by that day afternoon and will stay one day at Yuzana Hotel of West Shwe Gone Taing Road.

On the evening of 16th December, same location as last year, Eagle Garden restaurant will hold our event. You are warmly invited to participate in the event. 

The total contribution of ex-students from Singapore and abroad totaled up to SGD 9,000 this year. Don't worry for that if you haven't contact to none of our organizers. You can drop by to the event by yourself, and contribute at the event straight away.

Let's see our classmates and teachers at the event. See you guys.