Oct 19, 2010

Buying Electronics Goods At Downtown Yangon

This post may be a kind of stirring shit about the shops selling electronic goods in downtown Yangon. Actually, I would like to share my feeling of disappointment that I faced on buying of one electronic goods from these shops.

You all will see all these types of washing machines in the market of downtown, Yangon. I also happened to get a chance to walk around the market and bought one semi-auto washing machine somewhere in last August. I walked around the two main streets of electronic good market in Yangon, Pansodan and Bo Aung Gyaw.

If you were a usual reader of this blog, you might know that I had been working for an electronic goods trading company in a few years back. Generally I know that what types of washing machines is good and what types is not. Again, I am one of the people who is selecting the most feasible and worthy items every time I buy all these electronic products.

I went in and ask a few shops that were selling these goods, and gone through the different types of marketing techniques. I felt not too bad for a few shops though they are a bit pushy to customer to buy their products, some were extremely bad. Customers have rights to ask you whatever questions they want because washing machine is not a kind of device we need to buy one, two units in a few months. It is an item we bought and can even last for using over decades if the item’s quality and user’s care is good.

Though I am not expert in electronic goods, I knew that these items were origin of China. I could say that these are from China origin depending upon the design and workmanship of these products. However most of the shop owners and sale persons were insisting saying that these things were not coming from China. And, I felt very surprise that the techniques they all putting up fake labels on these devices were like the genuine one. Some are labeled to be Hitachi, Samsung, and even National too.

We knew that there are a few products labeled Nibban and distributed all over the market are coming from China origin too, but it is quite OK to say that they are labeled their own brand and trying to promote in the market.

Today, majority of the equipments are producing in China mainland, for example, iPhone of Apple Inc too, designing and built by Apple only. Then mass production was done by Foxxconn of Taiwan. We knew that the word OEM is used up for all these types of manufacturer and it is OK for user to accept depending on quality of the equipments they all are selling.

Too much things I am talking around. OK. Let’s conclude. The main thing I am to trying to say to all of these shop owners and sales people that now world is changing into global village already. You cannot hide something which is not correct and you may not try to cheat your valued customers which are life blood of your business. Why don’t you want to promote without making fake labels which are not real and all these customers already know that you all are cheating. You may want to revert back my question by saying that the customers won’t buy if you are not sticking high impression brands. Again, this is a story of chicken and egg too.

In the first place, you all are selling the genuine goods, then as of some reasons of difficulties of importing the so called high end brands, you all are trying to play around with customers. You import the look-alike models of these high end branded goods, then easily changed labels and start selling these goods and ended up with high profits. It may be sweets for your business but it is like short term goodness only. You all will suffer in future and even destroying integrity of the electronics good trading market which you all are the major player of this market.

Today, windows to the world have opened widely and it is extremely easy to know for everybody that from which place your labeled-products coming in? It should be better to reconsider the way of marketing your products. Our customers’ point of view is very clear; we all are very happy to accept substantially good quality products with its genuine named product than fake labeled high end products.

Note: All the photos of the products were taken from website of Ningbo WEICHI Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. I don't want to point finger any single shop from the market. Just want to voice out from the customers' point of view and sharing a piece of knowledge between layman customers like myself.

I had decided to buy the small washing machine with 6 Kg of washing capacity, the one exactly same with the uppermost photo. Believe it or not, it was labeled as ELBA at cost of 200 thousand Kyats (Approx: 200 USD).

Oct 15, 2010

What Do Women Want from Men (Audio Book)


A creature of mystery; which is difficult to understand. Since childhood, boys interest in matters of girls and girls interest in boys. Then, they become adult, choose one each other hoping that he/she will be the rightful partner for his/her life and tied a knot to form a happy and peaceful family.

Here is a question. Did all the family have their hopes of happiness and peacefulness? The most percentage of answer will be "NO". Why? The main reason that they couldn't get their dreamed happiness and peacefulness is lack of understanding each other. Man does not understand what his woman wants and does not want. Woman does not know what her gentleman wants and does not want. Apprently, it's look like that we do not need to have too much effort to try to understand each other in the time be being lover. After marriage only, we try to understand each other. The time is already passed. There is not much left to be able to compromise. At the end of the day, lack of mutual understanding between each other became a big troublemaker in the family and some of them leads to end up with divorce.

Therefore, why don't we try to understand what the second part of our body or the most important half part of our life before jumping into tying a knot? It will help you understand your life partner-to-be more in details and assist to be able to fulfill your dream of building happy and peaceful family for your life.

Here is a book named "What do women want from men?" that I would like to share with you all.

Here is a short description of the book:

Wondering what went wrong with his marriage, Dan True asked 100 women of varying ages and professions how they felt about men in regards to virtually everything. Here are the women's candid comments about such critical issues as money, marriage, relationships, lying, anger, listening, and expectations. In addition, they'll speak out about intimacy, discussing everything from cuddling, turn-ons, and turn-offs to their deepest fantasies.

1. What Do Women Want from Men.mp3
2. What Do Women Want from Men.mp3
3. What Do Women Want from Men.mp3
4. What Do Women Want from Men.mp3

Oct 13, 2010

Run Khwun Oo Ka Byar is On Sale

Run Khwun Oo Ka Byar, the very first album directly distributed to abroad is now available in Singapore. You all can buy the genuine copy of MTV by calling these numbers; 9066 2500 and 9481 1101.

It has been launched with special promotional price of SGD 3.00 per copy only. You can buy for yourself and can give your friends as a gift too. It is available in direct download format for all the Arakanese Music Lovers from all over the world. It will charge you US$ 1.50 per copy.

Online sale was supported by AMP.

We would like to urge all the Arakanese people to support the Arakanese Music by purchasing genuine copies of this VCD.

Thank you.

Oct 1, 2010

2010 September Currency Review

For the month of September 2010, the average exchange rate between SGD and Myanmar Kyat was 705.1667 Ks/SGD (30.6398 down from previous month average rate), highest was 727 Ks/SGD on 1st of September and fell lowest until 660 Ks/ SGD on 8th of September.

For USD vs SGD, the average rate for the month of September was 1.3346 SGD/USD (0.0207 down from previous month average rate), highest 1.3497 on 7th of September and lowest 1.3158 on 30th of September.

The rate of SGD Vs Myanmar Kyat was taken from daily record on MGLUAYE'S PAGE sidebar and rate of USD Vs SGD was taken from http://www.exchange-rates.org . The exchange rate shown on the chart are for informational purpose only. The data shown on these charts especially on SGD Vs Myanmar Kyat are taken from various sources so that we will not take any responsibilities for referring these data to use as official purposes.

Thank you.


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Surgery by Team of German Doctors in Thandwe/ Ngapali in January 2011

An email ad received from one of my friends, posted for benefits of needy people. Kindly pass this info whoever needed similar assistance. Please call to the contact person for more detail info.

Dear All,

Please distribute this mail to as widely as possible as it might help many children and young adults.

On January 1 to January 10, 2011 a team of German Doctors, Dr.Heinz Schoeneich and Interplast, will be Thandwe/ Ngapali to do free surgery of

- Cleft lips and cleft palates
- severe injuries from burns
- facial tumors, deformities, and fusions
- other skin tumors, e.g. on the back

The medical treatments/surgeries are organized by my friend Oliver E. (Esser) Soe Thet who lives in Yangon and his team.

Furthermore, Oliver arranges Meningocele operations in Yangon at the Neurological Department of the General Hospital. (Meningocele is a defect in the skull or spinal column forming a cyst filled with fluid which circulates around the brain or spinal cord; most visible kind of meningocele is a big cyst at the base of the nose forming a sort of "elephant nose").

If you have potential patients for the German team or for meningocele surgery please provide Oliver with

Name of the Patient (Male/Female) ____________________
Name of Father_____________________________________
Birthday of Patient___________________________________
Village Name_______________________________________
Township, Area____________________________________
Contact Number (Phone close by)______________________
Description of Health Defect__________________________

Please call Oliver in Yangon at Tel 01 501123 or 09 5138411.

You can also send an email to Oliver, in particular if you should have any photos of the patient (you can copy me if you want): Oliver's email address is: angel@myanmar.com.mm.

Please don't hesitate to forward this email to Bishops, priests, other men and women congregations, religious communities, Karuna, YMCA, MCC, Christian Churches, Buddhist Monks and Muslim communities. Because of the location of the medical team and transport issues preference is on patients from Rakhine State and Chin State.

I hope you can help many members of your communities..

May God bless you all.


Dr Gerhard Baumgard

PEOPLE IN NEED - Gerhard Baumgard Stiftung,
Sakura Residence,
9, Inya Road, Kamaryut Township,
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel. +95 1 525001
Email: gerhardbaumgard@gmail.com
Credit to AprilSnow.