Dec 14, 2012

YANGON : PYAY GTI Paying Respect Ceremony

Here we go! This year, December is right here and we are going to celebrate our 12th Paying respect ceremony of Pyay GTI as usual. The organizers for the event are right now in Pyay and they will come down to Yangon by early in the morning of 15th December. All the teachers will be reaching Yangon by that day afternoon and will stay one day at Yuzana Hotel of West Shwe Gone Taing Road.

On the evening of 16th December, same location as last year, Eagle Garden restaurant will hold our event. You are warmly invited to participate in the event. 

The total contribution of ex-students from Singapore and abroad totaled up to SGD 9,000 this year. Don't worry for that if you haven't contact to none of our organizers. You can drop by to the event by yourself, and contribute at the event straight away.

Let's see our classmates and teachers at the event. See you guys.

Sep 29, 2012

A Visit to Sane Let Tin

It's somewhere in August, our family chose to have a city-day-out from usual crowded metro life style. It is good to run away from urban life. Since I came back from abroad, this is the first time I went out from the town together with my family. It was a rainy day when we planned that trip. After starting the trip, nearly half hour on the highway road, it started to rain.
After a short while, the Yangon-Mandalay highway was under water. 
After driving a short while on Yangon-Mandalay highway, we turned to New Express Way to Nay Pyi Taw and then drop off near to Pha Yar Gyi village. There was not rainy when we go across Phayar Gyi and after sometime, we were on the road to Maw La Myaing already.
It's about 10:00 am when we reached to Sane Let Tin.  Sane Let Tin is a privately owned resort that included mini zoo in it. It is situated in Bago Division, I think it is in Kyauk Tagar Township and which is on the way to Maw La Myaing.
It is a nice place for family to come and visit. As far as I understand, a lot of people drop by when they are on the way back from Kyaik Htee Yoe which is in the Kyaik Htoo township which is not far away from Sane Let Tin. 

Sane Let Tin has its own restaurant and it was famous for not using seasoning in their food products. 

Sane Let Tin was not only famous for its food but also for its own mini zoo. This is what we can see from the highway road.
If you go in from that entrance, guests of Sane Let Tin are allowed free of charge, but it may incur (I think 500 Kyats per person) entrance fee if you are not the guest who is staying in their resort.

 You can have natural fresh air and pleasant moment while you are walking by on the nicely arranged literate stones path.
Sane Let Tin had couple of elephants in their zoo.

Executive family house seen from the street.


The sitting area of executive family house.

Beside your house, BBQ place is attached.


The traditional cart for attraction.


If you are going with few people, you can take a room at terrace house as well.
The pond with fountain around zoo area.


Here are some of the trees in the Sane Let Tin Resort.

It's really relaxing and pleasant trip we had in Sane Let Tin. I would like to recommend to visit.

 Oops! I almost forget to tell you. Sane Let Tin provide free WIFI internet access. It's pretty good though a bit of difficulties I had because our house was at the further most in WIFI range. It's good if you are accessing internet while you are having meal at restaurant.

Sep 27, 2012

YANGON : SEMINAR ON Variation of Compressive Strength of Concrete for Concrete Material

For those who want to attend seminar on Enginering subject, here are one more invitation of the seminar that will be held by MES and Civil and Structural Engineering Technical Division. The location will be at MES and the date and time are as follow: 

Title : Variation of Compressive Strength of Concrete for Concrete Material
Date : 29th Sept 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM 
Please refer to the Ads on the left for details.

Sep 20, 2012


Hi guys, if you are the one who is willing to attend seminars on engineering subjects, this will be the one for you. MES will hold a seminar on project management related on building construction. The speaker will be U Myint Oo B.E (Civil) who has over 15 years of working experiences on building construction works in Singapore. 

If you have a plan to attend, the seminar will be commencing from 9:00 am till 15:00 pm on 22nd Sept 2012, Saturday. Please refer to the attached invitation card for details. 


Sep 18, 2012


Dear friends in Singapore, 

I would like to share those who wants to attend Religious retreat: this is retreat by Mrauk U Sayadaw. It is for 7 days duration, for details are as follow: 
Dear Devotees, The 7 days Meditation Retreat will be held at Changi Aloha Fairy Point Chalet 4 by Myauk Oo Sayadaw Ashin Wayaminda from 1 October 2012 to 7 October 2012. Due to limited accommodation, Full Time "Yogi" registration has been closed. However, you and your family are warmly invited to join as "Day Yogi" / Listening Sayadaw's Dhamma Talks. 

Time Table is enclosed for your information. 

Monks Residence Address: 
NO.8 Blair Road, (off Kampong Bahru Road) 
Near Outram Park MRT 
TEL: 6777 7018 / 9185 2924

Jul 5, 2012

Bmorn V16 : 7 Inches Android Tablet

After my Kindle 3 got the problems with its display, I had difficulties to read books on the go. I have no choice other than printing out ebooks that I wanted to read and bind it at my own DTP shop. At that point, I can say that I am lucky to own my own photocopy shop to be able to print out whatever books that I wanted. But it is not so good for the long run as of it is eating up photocopying service’s income.

In Yangon, I can buy iPad with round about 6 lakhs kyats. I felt that a bit, not worth to use iPad unless I have Wifi access for full time. I didn’t want to use that much amount of money to be able to have a sense of tablet PC world.

So, I checked whether is there any chance that I can use tablet pc with affordable price. I have found out people are using 7” tablets origin from China with very cheap price. I made some price checking through my friends and neighbors, they advise me that it will cost me about less than a lakh and I can get cheaper one if I am patient enough to go through shop after shop.

Actually I did checked the prices of the 7” tablet at Technoland by last week, round about eighty thousand kyats. Last weekend, I got a chance to visit IT valley of Rangoon, Seik Kann Thar Street of Kyauk Tada Township. I started my trip from Anaw Rahta side then browse one shop after another.

I got the 7” tablet named bmorn, model V16 with android OS 4.0.3. It comes with internal storage of 8GB capacity, 512 MB RAM and one front camera for video conferencing. As per its specification, it says that the device supports memory extension of up to 32GB micro SD. The price is only sixty five thousand kyats only. Its battery life is round about three hours only. In terms of capacitive touch screen, I will say it’s not that bad. In terms of resolution, screen resolution itself is good, but some application is not running in full resolution.

The refresh rate is a bit slow sometime, it may be because of the device is running on 512 MB RAM only. This is my very first time experiencing android OS in my life; I still need to do some self study about it.

In the meantime, bmorn tablet is helping me to be able to read ebooks on the go. I am not too sure how long its life span will be. From my perspective, it is worth if I can use for about one to two years.

Jul 4, 2012

Yangon: Jobs Vacancies

Dear all,

Royal Toe Hotel is recruiting for the following positions:

  1. General Manager 
  2. Receptionist 

For those who has relevant experience are encouraged to submit the application comes with cover letter, resume attached recent photograph to jobs[at] For details, you can reach us at 0951- 30880 and 09-73146711. 

Jun 8, 2012

Welcome Mgluaye Jr.

Hi all. Today I would like to share good news to you, all of my friend. I felt that some of my friends would feel disappointed that long time my blog was not updated. I am not the one who would try to blame the slow speed internet that makes difficult to access instead of lack of motivation to write blog post in the meantime. 

 From previous September, I was back to Yangon and started my own career of retail shop in suburb of Rangoon. It opens door for business in late November. After six months of retail business, it is running well and got extra time for me to go out. 

After Thingyan, I joined one of the well-known Social Enterprises in Myanmar, it’s Proximity Designs. I will write a post when I have leisure time about that. After three months of retails works started, our family got very good news. The very first member of my family gave us a notice that s/he will be here by around coming October. It makes all of us very happy. It encourages us to work harder and smarter to earn more. It gave us more clear and pleasant and happy future is approaching to us. 

This is in June; 7th of June 2012 if I say exactly, the ultrasound test pronounced that fresh, new comer for our family is baby boy. Of course, I am in the status that can be said that more than happy. I have a clear sense of family and future. I believed it will be somewhere in coming November, Jr. Mgluaye will be touching his feet to the Earth. Hello world! Let’s welcome him. :)