Jul 28, 2011

Singapore: Waso Robe Offering By Ex-Pyay GTI Students

I would like to share about one of the event that will be held on 31st July 2011. Ex-GTI students of PYAY GTI has organized and arranged to celebrate Waso Robe Offering to Sangha at Toa Payoh Monastery.

Event Details are as follow:

Date : 31st July 2011 (Sunday)
6:30 am : Breakfast Swun (Mohingga) to San Gha
7:00 am : Sadu Ditha of Mohingga to all devotees
9:30 am : Waso Robe Offering to Sangha by Ex-Pyay GTI Students

Sadu Ditha event will be ended by 12:00 pm on the same day.

You all are warmly invited to participate in the event and there will be Satu Di Tha of Mohingga to all devotees. Please refer to http://pyaygti.net for your details. Contribution of volunteer services is welcomed.

Thank You.

Jul 11, 2011

Upcoming Religious Event In Singapore

PhotobucketIt's quite a long time no new post come up in Mgluaye's pages. In this period of time, Mgluaye is passing through some of the challenging times and new and new challenges are waiting ahead for me in near future. I have to strive to overtake those challenges. Last five years ago also, I have been encountered this kind of challenges and taken it over and come up to next level of success in my life. This time round, challenge is bigger than previous round and reward also will be much bigger than ever before.

I need more strength and knowledge to collect to be able to ride on this round of challenges to get success.

OK. Now let's share about one religious event happening on Sunday, this week. It's Waso Robe Offering Ceremony organized by Buddha Gaya Thukar Rama Temple, Mahamuni Buddhist Society in Singapore. Below is the invitation sent out by Mahamuni Buddhist Society.


Dear devotees,

The Buddhist Holy Retreat Period is coming soon. As our venerable monks are preparing for this period, we, devotees are also preparing to provide necessary requisites to them. Our "Buddha Gaya Thukar Rama Temple, Mahamuni Buddhist Society" will celebrate "Waso Robe Offering Ceremony" on 17th July 2011 at Guest House, Japanese Garden, No.1 Chinese Garden Road Singapore 619795. We would like to invite you and your family to participate this ceremony. The Invitation and Location Map are enclosed for your easy reference.

Monks Residence Address:
NO.45, Corporation Rise,
TEL- 6777 7018

I hope you can get a piece of info and able to participate in the event.


Jul 2, 2011

2011 June Currency Review

For the month of June 2011, the average exchange rate between SGD and Myanmar Kyat was 635.9333 Ks/SGD (28.8409 down from previous month average rate), highest was 650 Ks/SGD on 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th and 30th of June and fell lowest till 612 Ks/ SGD on 13th of June.

For USD vs SGD, the average rate for the month of June was 1.2344 SGD/USD (0.0041 down from previous month average rate), highest 1.2417 on 27th of June and lowest 1.2271 on 7th of June.

The rate of SGD Vs Myanmar Kyat was taken from daily record on MGLUAYE'S PAGE sidebar and rate of USD Vs SGD was taken from http://www.exchange-rates.org . The exchange rate shown on the chart are for informational purpose only. The data shown on these charts especially on SGD Vs Myanmar Kyat are taken from various sources so that we will not take any responsibilities for referring these data to use as official purposes.

Thank you.

2011 Jun MMK SGD
2011 Jun SGD USD
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