Nov 15, 2011


Just a while ago, I read facebook update from one of my friends who is reporter from well-known journal in Myanmar. Right now, she is attending ASEAN Summit at Bali, Indonesia. ASEAN Summit this year is quite popular as of Myanmar has proposed itself to be Chair of ASEAN in 2014. Not only within region, but also the whole world is keeping an eye on Myanmar whether is there true changes leading to national reconciliation and political reconstruction to democratization.

Today, there is the meeting of foreign ministers from ASEAN countries, it was agreed for Myanmar to be named as Chair of ASEAN 2014. It is really a great news and a lot of people are also waiting for this news long time ago.

After getting agreement to be ASEAN Chair 2014, then Myanmar has to start preparing for all the necessities to be able to hold general meetings and several other activities in terms of responsibilities of ASEAN Chair. Positively, it will be creating several employment opportunities for local talents and progress in terms of business development will be followed.

Therefore, it is like a notice for local talents to get prepared for upcoming business opportunities. For the time being, I would like to note today as a day of happiness with regards of hearing this news.

Nov 11, 2011

Yangon : Royal Toe Hotel

Today, three hundred and fourteenth day of Year 2011, and 11th November 2011, that makes 11.11.11. A lot of people from all over the world take today as so called distinct day of the year that meets six of number one.

Today is also important day for Royal Toe Hotel in Yangon; it is opening its doors to business today. Royal Toe is one of the newest hotels in city of Yangon, it ranks three stars in hotel industry.

It is situated on the Bayint Naung Road opposite of Ywa Ma Petrol Station, 30 minutes travel distance to Yangon International Airport, Central Railway Station and Downtown of Yangon. The major difference from most of the hotels in Yangon is that it has its own parking lots that guests can park their vehicles in the compound safely. It provides 24 hours security.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned with 24 hours electricity, inclusive of 24 hours television and bath room attached. Currently it provides SKYNET and 5MOVIES for 24 hours free streaming of movies in Myanmar and Wifi internet access will be available soon. It has altogether 45 rooms of double beds in five stories building. Each level has one special room which included bath tub.

Room rates are 18,000 kyats per day; for details you can reach Royal Toe Hotel at 95-1-531 192 and 95-1-531 193.

Thank you


Nov 2, 2011

Yangon : Job Vacancies

We are recruiting following staffs for a hotel that is going to open soon.

  1. Operation Manager                   - 1 post
  2. F/O Supervisor                           - 2 posts
  3. Receptionist                               - 2 posts
  4. Accountant Cum Store Keeper - 1 post
  5. Bell Boy                                     - 3 posts
  6. Room Attendants                      - 3 posts
  7. Laundry Maid                           - 2 posts
  8. Maintenance Staff                    - 1 post
  9. Security                                     - 2 posts

Interested applicants are required to prepare following document:

1. Resume attached with recent photo
2. Copies of educational status
3. Copies of N.R.C and Census records
4. Previous experiences and recommendations
5. Expected salary

The document has to be submitted to –

e-mail to
in person to -
Royal Toe Hotel
153 (A) Bayint Naung Street
2nd Quarter, Hlaing Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Ph: 01 – 511 610, 511 612, 0951-30880

Queries regarding to above mentioned posts are requested to call at 0951-30880.