Jun 8, 2012

Welcome Mgluaye Jr.

Hi all. Today I would like to share good news to you, all of my friend. I felt that some of my friends would feel disappointed that long time my blog was not updated. I am not the one who would try to blame the slow speed internet that makes difficult to access instead of lack of motivation to write blog post in the meantime. 

 From previous September, I was back to Yangon and started my own career of retail shop in suburb of Rangoon. It opens door for business in late November. After six months of retail business, it is running well and got extra time for me to go out. 

After Thingyan, I joined one of the well-known Social Enterprises in Myanmar, it’s Proximity Designs. I will write a post when I have leisure time about that. After three months of retails works started, our family got very good news. The very first member of my family gave us a notice that s/he will be here by around coming October. It makes all of us very happy. It encourages us to work harder and smarter to earn more. It gave us more clear and pleasant and happy future is approaching to us. 

This is in June; 7th of June 2012 if I say exactly, the ultrasound test pronounced that fresh, new comer for our family is baby boy. Of course, I am in the status that can be said that more than happy. I have a clear sense of family and future. I believed it will be somewhere in coming November, Jr. Mgluaye will be touching his feet to the Earth. Hello world! Let’s welcome him. :)